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SMART CONTROL SYSTEMS for Warehouse, Hotel and Hospital Operations

AddiSCAN integrates all critical operations of your hotel onto one platform. Be it your hotel frontdesk, accounts, your restaurants or the travel agents you work with, your team will always be up-to-date with real time information at hand.

Add as many users as you desire, and setup rooms and rates without limitations. Setup unlimited points of sale outlets for other services, and even get a hotel booking system for your website. ENCLAVE.AI extends controls for your website using the IPA IoTA. Check out ENCLAVE and IoTA Today! Other AddiSCAN features can be enabled upon request.

  • In-Room TV Menu Management System
  • FrontDesk Hotel Management System
  • BankCARD Payment Management System
  • Interactive Displays for Maps, Activities & Announcements
  • KEY-CARD access to elevators, guestrooms, and private-areas.

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