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SMART CARD-KEY SYSTEMS for Warehouse, Hotel and Hospital Operations

Access control systems let you control who can unlock doors and gain entry to specific locations by person, day of the week, and time of day. AddiSCAN’s managed access control service, is the simplest way to implement access control. AddiSCAN is affordable for even the smallest companies, yet scalable to large organizations with multiple locations.

AddiSCAN logs every access attempt to its master database at our secure monitoring center. Our email alerts can automatically notify you of important events such as when a location is opened or closed. Reports are also available whenever you want through the AddiSCAN web portal. Other AddiSCAN features can be enabled upon request.

  • You decide when the doors can be used and by whom.
  • You decide when to disable a card. All other cards continue to work.
  • Access cards cannot be duplicated.
  • Access cards provide audit trails so you know exactly who entered and when.
  • Access cards can discourage ill-behavior by strangers, guests or employees.
  • Access cards can be quickly reprogrammed to access multiple doors.

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