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Customer Privacy & DATA Security

AddiSCAN CloudWARE can simplify existing operations, and also enable CLOUD-Operations through features like GPS tracking, camera-monitors, telematics and SMS alerts. However, the CLOUD uses Internet, and people know that the Internet is inherently vulnerable to malicious attack.

AddiSCAN is a multi-purpose product with security at its core. Every solution from AddiSCAN includes state-of-the-art access-control and network safeguards, which gives clients the power to see everything that matters in their CLOUD business operations.

AddiSCAN runs your business securely in the CLOUD.

  • AddiSCAN self-tests functionality, integrity and vulnerability.
  • AddiSCAN Customer DATA is CLOUD protected.
  • AddiSCAN Employee DATA is CLOUD protected.
  • AddiSCAN Transact DATA is CLOUD protected.
  • AddiSCAN Dispatch DATA is CLOUD protected.

MayaSCAN Plc is privately-held. As your CLOUD-Integration and engineering-consultant partner, we guarantee that all client data is held in the strictest confidence.