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CLOUD Business Intelligence Solutions

when it comes to the Cloud, growth doesn't mean larger offices or more cubicles. By CLOUD standards, growth means serving more customers whenever and wherever they demand. Business Intelligence is data and analysis at your fingertips. In the Cloud, data and analysis can reach Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Addiscan is not your Average CLOUD company. Addiscan was founded in USA and Africa to serve the needs of business-class customers on both shores. Our mission: to provide each client with smart (B.I.) solutions in the CLOUD that match their budget and growth strategy. If you seek solutions to reach more customers, Addiscan is the answer. If you seek growth at unprecedented rates, Addiscan is the answer. If you seek new customers in new markets on new shores, Addiscan is the answer. Our solutions are smart for business, smart for customers, and secure for operations.